• Location: 41° 51' and 43° 30' of the north geographic width, and between 18° 26' and 20° 21' of east geographic length
  • Montenegro is a south European and a Mediterranean country. It is one of the most southern European states and faces the south part of the Adriatic Sea. About 500 km from Rome, 1.500 km from Paris, and Berlin, and about 2.000 km west from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.
  • Capital city: Podgorica
  • Time zone: CEST
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Average number of sunny days a year: 240
  • Swimming season: 180 days
  • Electric current: 220V/50Hz
  • Currency: Euro
  • Country Code: ME, MNE



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