Dear colleagues and friends,
It is my great honour, privilege and pleasure to welcome you to the 6th  MASSIN Congress in Bečići, Budva, Montenegro, in October 2017.
As is well known, the MASSIN meetings, aimed at sharing and developing Prof. Madjid Samii's vision and philosophy in neurosurgery, always have a special flavour due to the unique synergy of expertise and friendship.  Aiming  to  enhance  this  synergy,  the  6thMASSIN  Congress  is dedicated  to  a  special anniversary – the 80th birthday of Prof. Madjid Samii, whose outstanding contribution to the field is captured in the motto “Neurosurgery as a Way of Life”, and can be acronymically summarized as follows:
In this brief characterization, particularly noteworthy are the three “Is” – inspiration, innovation,instruction. Prof. Madjid Samii is a living proof of the classic proverb “The best mode of instruction is topractice what we preach”.th The 6 Massin Congress is hosted by the Southeast European Neurosurgical Society (SeENS), which,guided by Prof.Madjid Samii's principles of the humanity of science, aims at promoting borderless academic, scientific, educational, professional, interpersonal and social exchange.
The choice of the Congress venue – the enchanting Mediterranean town of Budva, Montenegro, wheremountains meet the sea and history meets the future – reflects the idea of borderless cooperation.
The Congress is organized in coordination with the Association of Physicians in Montenegro, Clinical Centre of Podgorica/Clinic of Neurosurgery, and Serbian Neurosurgical Society, and endorsed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Montenegro.
We envisage a rich, dynamic and thought-provoking scientific programme, without specific thematic limits – presentations addressing all aspects of neurosurgery and neurosciences are welcomed. Aiming to further enhance and deepen true exchange of ideas and energy, we also envisage an outstandingly vibrant and exciting social programme. In other words, all the elements are there to make the 6 MASSIN Congress a memorable experience.

Come and remember!

Prof. dr Lukas Rasulić, Serbia
Congress President
SNSS President
SeENS President


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